from the pastor

Reverend Katie Zettle

There are a lot of books on grace; God’s grace, and I’ll bet many sermons preached on grace. Of all the songs the church sings, “Amazing Grace” and its writer, John Newton, continue to remind us of the transforming power of God in people. God’s grace is the redeeming love for all of us who have been rebellious on the journey. That certainly is me, and I am guessing it might be you as well.

Some believe that God seeks well behaved, holy folks. If that were the case, none of us would be allowed in the presence of God. That’s the radical Good News of grace; we are invited today to come as we are and expect that the Spirit will make a difference in our daily lives. Not only change, but literally transform us from men and women who are focused on self to brothers and sisters who are becoming more and more like Jesus daily.

This Lenten season, we will be taking some time to give thanks to God for this free gift available to all people seeking a new life. “Grace Is Greater”, written by Kyle Idleman, encourages the reader to see the word grace again for the first time. In writing the book, Kyle wants us to experience grace just like Jesus demonstrates often through his life and living.

“See to it that no one misses the grace of God.”

(Hebrews 12:15 )

We as people of Christ are the messengers that share this amazing grace as we love like Christ in our daily lives. When we share our stories of God’s movement in the everyday and ordinary, as well as in extraordinary ways, people want to know more. See to it that no one misses the love of Christ, the forgiveness of Christ, the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, the amazing grace of God.

Join us as we read “Grace Is Greater” and come together in small groups on Sunday mornings at 9:20AM, Thursdays at 10:30AM and 7:00PM, and Saturdays @ 7:00AM for small group discussion (see Bible Study page for more details). Each Sunday during Lent the worship and message will focus on grace. All are welcome at 10:30 Sunday mornings.

Grace is Greater… Than Your Mistakes

Grace is Greater …Than Your Hurts

Grace is Greater…Than your Circumstances

Come find out why Grace is so Great!

Rev. Katie Zettle