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The God who made the sun, moon and stars and everything and everyone, is closer than our very breath to each of us this day. Miracles are everywhere. The seasons come and go, we expect that to happen. The flowers and trees, bud-bloom and go dormant again we know it it's going to happen. Each day we take an average 20,000 breaths all without thinking about one of them. Our hearts beat, our eyes blink and our senses are speaking to our brain, pouring out information continually. But often times that which is expected can become so common place we no longer value it or experience it with joy.

Today, all over the world, people are waking up to a new day or going to sleep to close out the day. And God sees it all! It's hard for me to imagine sometimes just how marvelous and magnificent it is to believe in a God who sees each one of us, knows us by name and the number of hairs on head. Our God understands our hurt, shame, fear, anger, or joy and is with us in it all, because He too walked among as Jesus. Another miracle!

In January we are intentionally praying for our world, our country, our communities, our friends, family and ourselves; would you take a moment to praise God?

Psalm 136:4-5 & 23-24, 26 (The Passion Translation)

Give thanks to the only miracle-working God!

His tender love for us continues on forever!

Give thanks to the Creator who made the heavens with wisdom!

His tender love for us continues on forever!

He's the God who chose us when we were nothing!

His tender love for us continue on forever!

He has rescued us from the power of our enemies!

His tender love for us continues on forever!

Give thanks to the great God of the heavens!

His tender love for us continues on forever!

With all that is happening in our country, in ourselves and in our world, I hope that we can take our eyes off the darkness and SEE clearly that we are loved by God! The use of exclamation points reminds me the joy we should have in reading this Psalm; go ahead read it with the exclamation point in mind.

Let us remember and give thanks to God for the miracle we are and those all around us including the animals, plants sea and skies. We are His now on earth, and into eternity.

This week:

This Lent we will again be using The Red Letter challenge. Each week on Sunday following worship and on Monday nights 6:30pm on Zoom, we will offer small group opportunity. WE started this last year as we consider the Red Letter -words of Jesus in the Gospels. We never finished it, but with the year of isolation, of quarantine and of unrest; now more than ever we need to be grounded in how Jesus lived so we might be strengthened.

If you bought a book last year, pull it out- if you don't want to miss out please order a copy of the workbook today! click link $20

Red Letter Challenge Home - Red Letter Challenge

Tuesday January 26th is our COOKIE DAY for Hearts for the Homeless. If you would be available to collect the cookies at church and deliver them, we would appreciate your service in the name of Jesus. Our dear friends Frank and Stevie Disalvo are both in the hospital and covet your prayers at this time. They want the ministry to continue so they need your help. Please let Becky know at the office if you can help

If there are needs in your family or in our community that the church might be able to respond to please let us know. Leadership team continues to meet monthly and we want you to know that we continue to lead the church in Making and Growing Disciples of Jesus Christ to Build the Kingdom on earth... as we

Love God- Live Like Jesus-Share the Spirit

Pastor Katie Zettle