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November 20, 2020

Hello church,

It’s another beautiful fall day this Friday morning as we head into Thanksgiving week. As we often live by our feelings ( I know I have at times) I would ask for this week to be different. It is important to remember we are people of faith, and because of that we begin with an advantage that others do not. We have promises for good, we have a God who’s very nature is love, we have Jesus who is our way, truth and the very life here on earth and in eternity, and the Holy Spirit is continuing to teach me and mold me each moment of the day so that I might live more like Jesus today.

We are blessed beyond measure, with food, a place to live and clothing; may we not take any of the granted, instead give thanks. This day we awoke with a new opportunity to be light in a world that is dark. I don’t have to tell you that more people are being affected by this pandemic daily, and we MUST use our gift of intercessory prayer to pray for healing, for comfort, for a cure, and for hope as many are feeling hopeless.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to be with those who are sick, and for the families of those who have died. Pray for the hospital staffs, doctors’ offices and care givers in nursing homes, and group homes for the disabled. Pray for those caring for loved ones at home. Pray for the grocery store employees being overwhelmed with panic shopping and holiday shopping, pray for the small business struggling to hang on, pray for those out of work, mentally ill and feeling extraordinary pressure, for the lonely and those just having a tough day.

“When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them.” Psalm 91:15 (NLT)

This week’s opportunity to Love God and others

· Sunday Nov 21: worship @10am, in person, in the parking lot and Facebook Live

· Advent begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving: Nov. 29. If you ordered a book, The Christian New Year, to be a part of the small group study, they are in the copy room, with your name on it. I am including the down loadable videos that go with each week. That way you can view it with your family or with others. Please note the book/ daily text online—begins with Dec 1. The Monday night small groups will be on zoom @ 6:30pm. If you need help getting on zoom, please let me know. We want many to be included!

Here is the downloadable content that comes with the Advent book:

Class will be held, Monday Dec 7, 14, 21, 28 @ 6:30pm

· Cookie drop-off for Sweets for the Soul this coming Tuesday, Nov. 24, 9am – noon.

· The Path gathering: a place for hurting people who are seeking hope in Christ

· Nov 26: Thursday morning prayer and praise 8:45 am- Thanksgiving morning

Christmas Mission

We are encouraging folks to support our Christmas mission for Family Justice Center. They assist those who are victims of domestic violence, which is on the rise in the midst of lockdowns. Please consider giving a gift of love to others, by making a donation in their name, and giving them a card which tells them of this amazing kindness to help the hurting. It’s the way we can give good gifts in the name of Christ!