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September 18, 2020

Taking a moment this Friday morning to welcome the cooler temperatures. Some, like myself, enjoy this time of year. Others are sad at seeing the summer heat behind us. In the midst of it all- God is still the same God, yesterday, today and tomorrow. God is good and wants to be in a relationship with each of us personally- daily, as well as collectively- weekly. How is that going for you? Where are you finding a connection to God for your self- and with others?

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Hebrews 13:8 (NLT)

As I listen to leadership podcasts for ministry, there has been a common thread running since March 2020. How will our congregations grow as disciples when they can’t be in the building? Early on many leaders thought the pandemic would be a force that brought people closer to God as they prayed earnestly and intentionally and connected through technology. But at this point many are saying that folks have developed new habits, and some may never return to the church building for worship, and even fewer are interested in their discipleship/ walk with Christ!

There certainly have been many changes to our life and living, but especially for your connectedness to Christ-the source of all. I continue to pray for each of you, please know I understand that there are vastly different reasons for people NOT being in the building. But if possible, I would ask that you continue to participate in worship on Sunday mornings, through our Face Book live on Harris Hill UMC or join us in the parking lot. This is a powerful habit, of putting our praise of God before all things. The sermon is posted on Face Book by Sunday afternoon and on the Website by Tuesday.

WE NEED EACH OTHER! We need to see familiar names, and new names. We need to be in a time of corporate prayer, we need to hear God’s word and reflect on how we are being changed by the Spirit’s movement in us. We are created to come together as the body of Christ in all of its fullness. I thank God for each of you and the many ways you continue to serve in Jesus’ name. How about reaching out to a few friends this week and invite them to worship?

We will begin small group study in October, and I will be adding a zoom or Facebook group option for those unable to come to the building. My hope is that you would make the decision to participate from the comfort of your home or at the church once a week in a small group gathering. That is where we are built up, where relationships deepen and where our faith has fabulous soil to grow!

· Starting this week: NO NEED TO REGISTER FOR CHURCH- Please come and join us at 10am in person, in the parking lot, or online Facebook live @Harris Hill UMC

· Leadership team Monday 9/21 @ 6:30pm

· Journey, Tuesday 9/22 @ 6:30 intro, chapters 1 & 2

· Prayer and Praise service continues in the book of James ch2 @ 8:45 am

· Next Sunday 9/27 drive-by Retirement congrats for Erin Swiatowy @ 11am!

· UMCOR kits Tuesday October 6 @10:30am

Thank you to those who filled out the questionnaire last week. If you need assistance, please let me or the church office know.

As we get up each day, may we thank God for the gift of breath, for another day to worship Christ, and serve in His Holy name, and may we be empowered by the Holy Spirit, not to live in fear but with boldness as we share the Good News that has set us free!